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Change In Direction AKA Farewell!

While it may seem as though I’ve been neglecting my Sake Australia duties, I do have a reasonable explanation.
The last month or so has seen me packing up and preparing to return for another stint in Japan. After six years of Australian life since coming back from Japan I’ve decided to have another crack at Japanese life. I aim to continue Sake Australia but will obviously take a more general approach to covering sake rather than just what’s available in Australia.
It’s been fantastic to see the growth of sakes’ profile in Australia in the last six years. When I first came back from Japan most liquor stores sold only one variety of Japanese made sake and to have sake on a beverage list of a non-Japanese restaurant was unheard of. Now it’s a different story with several bottle shops expanding to having a “range” of sake and restaurants of all kinds adding sake to their menu. Knowledge has also jumped to new levels with punters and sommeliers alike spouting sake terms such as “junmai”, “ginjo” and “seimaibuai” as if they were second nature. There’s still a long way to go till sake receives the attention of beer, wine or even whisky and to be honest it may never come but it’s good to see so many restaurants, suppliers and retailers fighting the good fight and pushing to get sake the spotlight it deserves. I look forward already to my next trip back here to see again how sake has grown. In the meantime I’ll do the best I can to not neglect this blog as much and do my own bit to bring you more of the goings on in the sake world in Japan from this Australian’s perspective.
While I’m certainly going to miss the sunny Gold Coast life, new adventures await…
Stay tuned!
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